Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Community Salary Packaging

Community Salary Packaging offers salary packaging services that are designed to ensure that organisations in the non-profit and charitable sector have access to a centralised, efficient, cost effective and expert salary packaging service.

Community Salary Packaging was launched in 2008 as a new part of the Charities Tax Advisory Service's (C-TAS) group of companies servicing the Non Profit Sector in Australia.

The aim of Community Salary Packaging is to provide a salary packaging service that represents the best value for money and allows employers in the sector to fully utilise the advantages of salary packaging that are unique to the sector, to assist with the attraction and retention of quality staff in their organisations.

At Community Salary Packaging we understand that many non-profits want a simple to use and low cost salary packaging system. The salary packaging systems we implement have been designed with this in mind so that non-profit organisations can focus on their core activities and purposes and not waste valuable resources on administrative functions

If you have any salary packaging queries please call us and we are only too willing to assist.

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