Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Simple Fleet can provide organisations the necessary tools to manage their own fleet internally effciently and cost effectively.

 For a very low monthly fee Simple Fleet can provide you with access to fleet software that has the following features:

-         Easy to use interface
-         Ability to import Caltex and Shell fuel data
-         Easy tracking of vehicle costs
-         Ability to enter manual transactions as needed
-         Accurate fleet KM tracking
-         Comprehensive Fleet Reporting including
o       Fleet Summary Report
o       Vehicle Running Cost Summary Reports
o       Vehicle Fuel Economy Reports
o       FBT Statutory Value Method reports
o       FBT Operating Cost Method reports
o       Driver Details / History reports & FBT log books
o       Vehicle Maintenance Reports and Vehicle History
o       Green Vehicle reporting
o       KM projection reporting for operating leases and FBT budgets
o       Exception Reports including:    
§         Services Overdue
§         Registrations Overdue
§         Tracking against turnover policy or lease expiry date
For organisations to get maximum value out of the software it can be used in conjunction with the Simple Fleet Caltex and Shell Fuel Card Program.
If your organisation uses the Simple Fleet Fuel Card Program we will ensure your data file is updated weekly with up to date cost information removing more work for your organisation.
You can also use the software ‘in-house’ whilst also utilising some of our professional services such as the Simple Fleet Authorisation Service to save your organisation money on your vehicle servicing bills.
All the while you have full control of your fleet and only pay for services you need.
For a free 14 day demonstration, or for more information contact Simple Fleet on 1300 537 785 today!


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